MS300 series handheld multi-function oscilloscope,whose bandwidth ups to 100~200MHz, sampling rate is 1GS/s, Memory depth is 240k. With the 5.7 inch large LCD screen, the instrument possesses the performance which desktop oscilloscope can not match at the same time without the complex operation panel of desktop ones. It provides the functions of fully featured Oscilloscope, Multimeter and Data Logger. It is widely uses for Equipment maintenance, aviation, R&D, automated industry, process controlling.



Real time Sample Rate

Rise Time

Memory Depth


Touch operation

Serial bus trigger 

Max waveform capture

MS310IT 100MHz 1GSa/s ≤3.5ns 240Kpts 2CH YES YES

-(can be upgraded to 50K wfms/s)

MS320IT 200MHz 1GSa/s ≤1.75ns 240Kpts 2CH YES YES

-(can be upgraded to 50K wfms/s)





Bandwidth (BW) 100MHz 200MHz
Rise time ≤3.5ns ≤1.75ns
Real time sampling rate single channel :1GSa/s,dual-channels:500MSa/s
Memory depth single channel :240Kpts,dual-channels:120Kpts
Isolated channel support
Max waveform capture rate  -(can be upgraded to 50K wfms/s)
Serial bus decode Optional

Vertical system

Channels 2 oscilloscope channels,1 multimeter channel
Limited bandwidth 20MHz
Coupling modes DC,AC,GND
Inputs impedance parallel 1MΩ±1% with 15pF±3pF
Vertical sensitivity 5mV/div~50V/div
Vertical resolution 8bits
Max voltage input 600V CAT ?   300V CAT ?
Floating voltage from CHs to GND 1000V CAT ?   600V CAT ?
DC vertical gain accuracy 5mV/div~50V/div,2.0%

Horizontal system

Timebase 4ns/div~10s/div
Timebase delay range -12divs~50s
Timebase accuracy 20ppm
Sample mode normal,average, pk-pk,envelope
Dynamic record  - (can be upgraded)
Store waveform  4 ref waveforms  (can be upgraded to flash disk storage)

Trigger system

Trigger types edge, pulse, logic, serial bus(UART,LIN,CAN,SPI,I2C)
Trigger coupling DC,AC,High-frequency suppression,Low-frequency suppression, Noise suppression
Trigger modes auto, normal, single
Trigger source CH1,CH2
Inhibition range 200ns~10s


Automatic measurements 31 types
Cursor types horizontal cursor, vertical cursor, cross cursor


Operator + , - , * , /
FFT window settings Rectangular, Hamming, Blackman-Harris, Hanning

Display Features

Screen 5.7 inch TFT LCD touch screen
Resolution 640*480
3D waveform display not support
Grid of waveform display zone horizontal 12 divs *vertical 8 divs
Form YT form (can be upgraded to XY form)
Persist auto, 100ms~10s or ∞

I/O Port

Mini USB2.0 connect to  PC
USB2.0 connect to flash disk
WIFI not support


Measurement  types 10 physical measurements ,such as voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, diode , etc
Measurement accuracy 4 bits
Measurement display max, average, min, values with time stamp,relative measurement

Data Logger

Logger content multimeter measurements, oscilloscope waveform, oscilloscope measurements
Logger timebase multimeter measurements,10s/div ~ 20min/div; oscilloscope measurements 10s/div ~ 20min/div
oscilloscope waveform 100us/div ~ 2min/div
Logger time length max 17 days (can be upgraded to flash disk record)


Power adapter input:100-240VAC,50-60Hz,2A; output:12VDC,5A
Battery capacity:7.4V/6000mAh, work time:4~5 hours

Work environment

Temperature -20? ~ +50?
Humidity < 85%RH


Size 254mm*160mm*60mm
Weight  main unit: 1380g (no battery), accessories(standard): 691g,battery(standard): 276g.