ODP3032 : two independent controllable channels
ODP3031 : one controllable channel
Max output resolution : 1mV / 1mA
Low ripples / low noise : <300 μVrms / 2 mVpp
Up to 100 group timers
Up to 10 group preset system configurations
Over-voltage / Over-current protection
Auto-cooling system
3.9 inch high resolution (480 × 320 pixels) TFT LCD display
Multiple communication interface : USB, and RS232


general detection in R&D laboratory
QC test
industrial production automation test
automobile and electronic circuit test power-supplying
education / teaching experimentation
electronic components test, aging test
to monitor the real-time status of power system via remote control     

to monitor battery charging curve

The specifications based upon the instrument having run for at least 30 minutes continuously, under the specified operating environment.

Model ODP3031        ODP3032
Channel One controllable  channel Fixed 3.3V / 5V Two controllable channels Fixed 5V
DC Output Rating Voltage 0 - 30V 3.3V / 5V 0- 30V (Independent / Parallel)
0 - 60V (Series)
-30V - 30V (Plus-minus)
Current 0 - 3A 3A 0 - 3A (Independent / Series / Plus-minus)
0 - 6A (Parallel)
Line Regulation CV ≤0.01%+3mV ≤3mV ≤0.01%+3mV ≤3mV
CC ≤0.1%+3mA   ≤0.1%+3mA  
Load Regulation CV ≤0.01%+3mV ≤0.1% + 3mV ≤0.01%+3mV ≤0.1% + 3mV
CC ≤0.2%+3mA   ≤0.2%+3mA  
Noise and Ripple
CV ≤300μVrms/2mVpp
CC ≤3mArms   ≤3mArms  
Settings Resolution Voltage 1mV None 1mV None
Current 1mA None 1mA None
Settings Accuracy
Voltage ≤0.05%+3mV None ≤0.05%+3mV None
Current ≤0.1%+3mA None ≤0.1%+3mA None
Read Back Resolution Voltage 1mV (<10V), 10mV (≥10V) None 1mV (<10V), 10mV (≥10V) None
Current 1mA None 1mA None
Read Back Accuracy
Voltage ≤0.05%+3 digit None ≤0.05%+3 digit None
Current ≤0.1%+3 digit None ≤0.1%+3 digit None


 Display Type 3.9 inch colored LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
 Display Resolution 480 × 320  pixels
 Display Color 65536 colors, TFT screen

Mechanical Specifications

Model ODP3031        ODP3032
 Dimension (W×H×D)  298 × 202 × 450 (mm)
 Weight (without package)  7 kg  9.80 kg