This model, G5110A, has G5100A's features of providing Sine, Square, Arbitrary, Ramp, Pulse, DC, Exponential Rise & Fall, Negative Ramp, Sin(x)/x, and Cardiac waveforms, supporting vital modulations, such as AM, FM, PM, PWM, FSK, Sweep, and Burst, and enabling the amplitude range from 20mVpp to 20Vpp into Open circuit.

in addition, Picotest developed a special software function “High Flexible Sequencing Arbitrary Waveform Mode” for G5110A. When executing this mode, through outputting different segments in different sampling intervals, you can connect any complex waves you want, adjusting their lengths in need, transferring them without distortion concern, and output them in a high speed. It's easy to operate. First of all, dismantle a complex waveform into pieces of basic waves under the sequencing mode. Recompile them to a desired waveform via Wavepatt, and send it to your G5110A. Any complex waveforms can be generated according to your applications.

the front/rear panel operation of G5110A is simple and user friendly. You can enter all functions with a single key or two, and use knob or numeric keypad on the front panel to adjust frequency, amplitude, offset and other parameters. Via a standard USB or an optional GPIB interface on the rear panel, it is not a problem controlling G5110A remotely