• 54 Models: 1.5 kW, 2.6 kW, and 4.0 kW in a 1U package
  • Models from 0-5 VDC to 0-1000 VDC
  • Optically isolated user I/O circuitry standard
  • High efficiency operation: Up to 88% efficiency on select models
  • RS-232 interface standard with SCPI Commands
  • Optional GPIB, USB, Ethernet (LXI-C), RS-485 interfaces
  • Over Voltage and Over Current shutdown standard
  • Certified LabWindows/CVI, LabVIEW, and IVI Drivers
  • Programmable Output Modulation: Emulates user-defined power profiles
  • Automatic Voltage/Current Crossover
  • Front Panel Calibration 
  • Made in USA
  • Two Year Warranty

High Frequency IGBT-based Switch-Mode Design 
The SL Series utilizes the latest IGBT devices to drive down size and increase performance. The high frequency design delivers fast transient response and low output ripple. This performance coupled with Magna-Power's rugged current-fed power processing, enables confidence in even the most demanding applications.

Fully Programmable Power 
All SL Series functions and features of are available and programmable from a variety of control methods, including: 

  • Stepless front panel knobs 
  • 37-pin isolated analog-digital I/O 
  • Computer interface with software and drivers 

Various programming interfaces are available, such as LXI TCP/IP Ethernet (+LXI), IEEE-488 GPIB (+GPIB), Edgeport USB, Accessory (+USB), RS485 Accessory (+RS485). 

Industry Leading 1U Power Density, Many Input AC Options 
The SL Series builds on over 30 years of power supply innovation at Magna-Power, designed from the ground up to meet the highly reliable power dense demands of ATE system integrators with models at 1.5 kW, 2.6 kW and 4 kW all within a 1U (1.75” height) package. All models are available with 3-phase input at 208 Vac, 240 Vac, 380 Vac, 415 Vac, 440 Vac or 480 Vac, which dramatically lowers input current draw. 1.5 kW models are additional available with a power factor corrected (PFC) universal single phase AC input (85 - 265 Vac). 

Designed for Safety 
SL Series power supplies have extensive diagnostic functions, including: phase loss, excessive thermal conditions, over voltage trip (programmable), over current trip (programmable), cleared fuse, and excessive program line voltage. When in standby or diagnostic fault, the AC mains are mechanically disconnected via an embedded AC contactor, providing confidence that the unit is only processing power when desired. 

Scalable Master-Slave Operation 
For maximum flexibility, all SL Series power supplies can be scaled in a master-slave configuration for higher voltage or current output. Using the plug and play Universal Interface Device (+UID47), units are tied together in via their 37-pin I/O, allowing an increase in system current when configured in parallel or increase in system voltage when configured in series—up to the power supply's output isolation rating. 

Extensive Programming Support and Included Software 
All SL Series power supplies come standard with a National Instruments LabVIEW™ and LabWindows™/CVI drivers. In addition, an IVI driver is included supporting Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic .NET, MATLAB, Measure Foundry, PAWS, Visual Basic 6.0, and Keysight VEE Pro. A Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation (SCPI) command set is also supported, allowing programming using raw ASCII commands. Finally, Magna-Power's RIS Panel software is provided allowing for a virtual control panel controlling the power supply via any of the available communication interfaces. 

1.5 kW Models (bold=fast delivery) 
Model Voltage (V) Current (A)
SL5-250 0-5 0-250
SL10-150 0-10 0-150
SL16-93 0-16 0-93
SL20-75 0-20 0-75
SL32-46 0-32 0-46
SL40-37 0-40 0-37
SL50-30 0-50 0-30
SL80-18 0-80 0-18
SL100-15 0-100 0-15
SL125-12 0-125 0-12
SL160-9 0-160 0-9
SL200-7 0-200 0-7
SL250-6 0-250 0-6
SL375-4 0-375 0-4
SL400-3.7 0-400 0-3.7
SL500-3 0-500 0-3
SL600-2.5 0-600 0-2.5
SL800-1.8 0-800 0-1.8
SL1000-1.5 0-1000 0-1.5
2.6 kW Models
Model Voltage (V) Current (A)
SL10-250 0-10 0-250
SL16-162 0-16 0-162
SL20-130 0-20 0-130
SL32-81 0-32 0-81
SL40-65 0-40 0-65
SL50-52 0-50 0-52
SL80-32 0-80 0-32
SL100-26 0-100 0-26
SL125-20 0-125 0-20
SL160-16 0-160 0-16
SL200-13 0-200 0-13
SL250-10.4 0-250 0-10.4
SL375-6.9 0-375 0-6.9
SL400-6.5 0-400 0-6.5
SL500-5.2 0-500 0-5.2
SL600-4.3 0-600 0-4.3
SL800-3.2 0-800 0-3.2
SL1000-2.6 0-1000 0-2.6
4 kW Models
Model Voltage (V) Current (A)
SL16-250 0-16 0-250
SL20-200 0-20 0-200
SL32-125 0-32 0-125
SL40-100 0-40 0-100
SL50-80 0-50 0-80
SL80-50 0-80 0-50
SL100-40 0-100 0-40
SL125-32 0-125 0-32
SL160-25 0-160 0-25
SL200-20 0-200 0-20
SL250-16 0-250 0-16
SL375-10.4 0-375 0-10.4
SL400-10 0-400 0-10
SL500-8 0-500 0-8
SL600-6.4 0-600 0-6.4
SL800-4.8 0-800 0-4.8
SL1000-4 0-1000 0-4

Input Voltage (Must be specified at time of order)

UI (85 - 265 1Φ, 1.5 kW Models Only);
208 Vac 3Φ; 240 Vac 3Φ; 380 Vac 3Φ;
415 Vac 3Φ; 440 Vac 3Φ; 480 Vac 3Φ

Model Ordering System
Series Front Panel Voltage (Vdc) - Current (Adc) / Input Voltage + Interface Option 
SL Blank: Standard Panel 
C: Computer (Blank) Panel 
See Tables - See Tables / UI 


Example: SL1000-4.0/208+HS+LXI

Included: isolated 37-pin external I/O, RS232, Remote Interface Software, IVI drivers for integration into a variety of programming environments, and modulation capabilities for non-linear output profile emulation. Two front panel types are available for different application requirements. The standard SL Version front panel (pictured in the image above) provides front panel control and calibration, start and stop buttons, and a digital display for voltage and current. The C Version front panel provides a blank display panel, allowing control only from the computer or isolated 37-pin I/O connection.